Water Treatment Chemical

Excellon Engineering Solutions is manufacturing range of water treatment chemicals and fuel additives for achieving better efficiency by keeping surface of heat transfer scale and corrosion free. Fuel additives help to achieve better efficiency of the fuel, be it solid or liquid.
Water treatment chemicals have been broadly classified as boiler water treatment, cooling tower treatment and biocide To receive literature in PDF please click download.
• Biocide water treatment
• Biocide Ultra Treat c9338b.pdf
• Biocide Ultra Treat c938b.pdf
• Biocide Ultra Treat c9331b.pdf
• Boiler Water Treatment
• Cooling Water Treat

Water Treatment Chemical

Excellon Engineering Solutions also manufacture full range of RO operating and RO Cleaning and UF cleaning chemicals. Our Product for the same are as below. We supply chemical with complete DATA sheet, MSDS and SOPs for use. 1. RO Antiscalant Chemical ( Excellon Antiscalant 65 ).
2. RO Antiscalant Chemical ( Excellon Special Antiscalant )
3. RO Cleaning Chemical ( Excellon INOR )
4. RO Cleaning Chemical ( Excellon BIOR )
5. UF Cleaning Chemical ( Excellon UFCL )
6. UF Cleaning Chemical ( Excellon UFASL )
Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Excellon Engineering Solutions water treatment chemicals include wide range of corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and biocides that cater to the specific needs of your system. Our synergistic blends give maximum efficiency in terms of reduced corrosion rates, reduced scale inhibition, and total biological control. Careful selection of these chemicals facilitates operation at higher cycles of concentration, resulting in reduced chemical costs and increased conservation of water. Special additives for chilling plants and other close circuit waters are also available, as well as support function chemicals for start up and passivation.

Our Capabilities

• Prevent scale, corrosion, and fouling throughout the entire water and stream generating system, including the fireside of the boilers.
• Prevent Scale, corrosion, and fouling due to microbiological proliferation within the cooling water system.
• Minimize cleaning, maintenance, and unscheduled shutdowns. • Minimize water, chemical, and energy consumption.