Water Filtration Systems

• “Excellon – FS”, Excellon Engineering Solutions filters are standard pre-treatment systems in water treatment process, effectively removing a large percentage of suspended solids from your process water by straining it through various media.
• Offers a complete range of high quality filter systems that minimize maintenance and maximize the performance of water treatment systems.
• Manufacturer a wide variety of standard and custom built pressure filter systems. Depending on the quality of inlet water and down stream equipment.
• Pressure filters are designed to remove specific contaminants from process water using specialized filter beds.
• Multi Media Filter (MMF) uses layers of different media to remove high suspended solids.
• Activated Carbon Filters (ACF) remove free chlorine and other oxidants that can damage resin and membranes in down stream equipment.
• Green sand filters remove iron and manganese from supply water. Our standard filtration systems ranges from 1 m3 to 70 m3/hr.
• “ESP” & “GLH” series filters are made from mild steel and fiber glass reinforced plastic pressures vessels as per process requirement.

Water Filtration Process

• This is a physical process to remove physical impurities like suspended matters, color and odor. Pressure sand water filtration plants remove suspended particles. Water purification plants.
• Normally have filtration system preceding any other treatment such as DM Softener or RO home water filtration systems are available. Using Ultra Filtration membranes and also dual media filter.

Excellon-FS - Water Filtration System


The “Excellon-FS” “MSEP” and “FRP” series of multigrade filters have been designed for effective reduction of particulate and colloidal matter in the water supply. Excellon multigrade filter operates on the principle of depth filter. Filters are charged with coarse and fine quartz silica sand mixed together in a required proportion. The benefits of graded mixed media is, that it produces a filter bed with adequate pore dimensions for retaining both large and small suspended particles. These filters are operated at substantially higher specific flow rate than conventional filters.

Our standard “MSEP” and “FRP” series of filtration System range from 1 M3/hr to 210 M3/hr.

Technical Data “FRP” Series Filters

 Water Filtration


• Operates at higher flow velocity
• Designed for higher suspended inputs
• Raw water can be used for backwashing
• Very little maintenance
• Lower backwash water requirement
• Requires less space than conventional filters


• One Vertical Cylindrical FRP pressure vessel.
• One Set of internal water distribution and collection system.
• One intial charge of filter sand and under bed material.
• One set of frontal pipe work and valve in corrosion resistance plastic.
• Two pressure gauges to monitor head loss across the filter.