DM Plant Demineralisation

Excellon Engineering Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of DM plant Denineralisation in Ahmedabad India. DM Plant known as demineralizer or demineralizer. Demineralisation process involves removal of minerals by means of Ion Exchange Resins. Demineralization of water is achieved by passing water through Cation Resin Column and then though Anion Resin Column.
When minerals, which are salts of acid and base, dissolve in water, they get ionized in to Cations and Anions. Water demineralization thus is process of removing these Cation and Anions.
Aqua demineralization plants are mainly divided in to
a. Packaged Demineralisation Water Plants
b. Industrial Demineralised Water Plants.
Water demineralisation system consists of various combinations such as:

    (WAC) – SAC – (DG) – (WBA) – SBA – (MB)
  1. 1. SAC – SBA
  2. 2. SAC – DG – SBA
  3. 3. SAC – WBA – DG – SBA
  4. 4. SAC – WBA – SBA
    Above combinations with or without WAC & MB.
  1. • SAC : Strong Acid Cation
  2. • SBA: Strong Base Anion
  3. • WAC: Weak Acid Cation
  4. • WBA: Weak Base Anion
  5. • DG : Degassifier / Degasser
  6. • MB: Mix Bed
Excellon Engineering Solutions offers DI Water Plants both on Co-current and counter current regeneration techniques

Why RO System


“Excellon – DM” demineralisation system is the most economical means of meeting the increasing industry need for pure water with low TDS feed water. “Excellon– DM” demineraliser are based on lon- Exchange Technology for removal of dissolved salts from water.

Package Demineraliser

“Excellon-DM-PACK” series of standard package two step demineraliser are based on latest technique of Counter Current Regeneration (CCR), ranging from 100LPH to 6 m3 /hr to serve a wide variety of industries.
“Excellon – DM – PACK” series unit consists of two FRP pressure vessel, extra strong engineering grade plastic pipes and rugged multipart valve for easy operation. Necessary regeneration tank with ejector, conductivity meter, high grade lon Exchange Resin is also offered with the system.

Industrial Demineraliser

Industrial demineralisers are available in a full range of sizes and flow rates. They are design for both counter current or cocurrent regeneration. “Excellon-DM-ID” series plants are offered in TEN MAJOR configuration,strong & weak cation, strong & weak base Anion, mixed bed exchanger together with CO2 degassifiers, depending on raw water analysis and minimum operating cost.